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Finland - Espoo
 Mellsten "Hi-Wind Center" is one of the most popular spots in Espoo
It is the home beach of Team Mellsten and three active windsurfing clubs. It is also the place where got started.
Here you'll always meet Olli, Jon, Anders, Fin21, Fin212, Ville, PG, Maija, Eero, Eeva, Jmunkki, Juha and many other mytrims members. Please ask for further info any of us in Mellsten or in our forum. Cheers, Heikki

Description (Juri):

There's a parking lot behind the daycare center building, but it's also possible to park along the road, closer to the beach.

The beach is sandy. First time sailors are advised to start from the right side of the pier, as there are no significant rocks on that side, unless the water level is very low. Once away from the immediate vicinity of the beach, the water is quite deep and rocks are either marked or clearly visible.

There are local venturi effects, so knowledge of local conditions helps a lot, if the wind is marginal. Most experienced sailors head "out" or to "Hawaii" (small islands visible in the South-Eastern horizon, about 4 km away from the beach). Depending on the day, the best may be found either very close to the beach, just before the Hawaii islands (2.5 - 3.5 km away) or out at sea, beyond Hawaii.

Restrooms are available about 400 meters East from the launch site, where there's a protected swimming area with a children's playground and changing rooms and cold showers. A water quality report is regularly posted on the announcements board there.

For most up to date wind information, use the Otapuli weather station: (the page is in Finnish, but the weather data links should be easy to spot). Weather data is also available through WAP (GSM).
Beach information
-  Posted at 10.5.2002 by Heikki.
-  Beach admins: Heikki,jmunkki

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