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Finland - Åland
 The exact location is,20.144806&spn=0.01117,0.031071&t=k&om=1

The Lumparn spot is one of the better sailing spots on the Åland islands. It produces some nice, but smallish, waves when there is enough wind (NW-N-NE). Typically onshore meaning it is good for jumping and backside riding.
The access is private, and it is required that windsurfers behave well in order to keep access in the future as well.
The launch is from a small sandy beatch, the water is quite shallow (with a sandy bottom) at least 50 meters out.
The beach is not that easy to find, and it makes sense to ask local windsurfers about directions.

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-  Posted at 28.7.2003 by Heikki.
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