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- Wind stastistics
- Spain
El Cabezo
Spain - Tenerife
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Whats up boys at Cabezo beachjon4113124.2.2004 at 01.23
Waiting for wind...Heikki0103431.1.2004 at 23.03
Still no Winds in Tenerifejon0107923.2.2003 at 00.06
The constant tradewinds seems to dropjon0106218.2.2003 at 00.50
Fine conditions in cabezojon1103015.2.2003 at 23.05
Team Melsten at Cabezo two weeks starting from 10.2.2003Heikki2101615.2.2003 at 02.06
LinksHeikki011329.2.2003 at 19.11

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