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-Skippers meeting
-Lopulliset Tulokset
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VATOR Formula Ranking 2007
Event Manager
VATOR Formula Ranking, Espoo Mellsten 9-10.6.2007

1. Changes to the Notice of Race (“NOR”) or SI
Any changes in the NOR or the SI will be posted at least one hour before the starting time of the race concerned.

2. Rules
In accordance with the NOR, paragraph 4.

3. Notices to Competitors
Notices to competitors will be posted on the Official Notice Board (“ONB”) located outside the Race Office.

4. Skippers’ Meetings
Skipper’s meetings will be held in accordance with the NOR. If needed additional skippers meetings may be held during the event.

5. Racing Area
The racing area and the courses will be as shown on the ONB. The course diagram will be posted on the ONB at least 20 minutes before the start.

Competitors not racing shall not sail in the racing area (including the pre-starting area) while a race is in progress.

6. Signals Made Ashore
Signals made ashore will be displayed on the Official Flag Pole.

7. The Starts
Rule 30.3 Black Flag Rule applies in all starts.

The starting lines are as illustrated on the course diagram on the ONB.

Races will be started by using the signals presented on the ONB. Times shall be taken from the visual signals; the absence of a sound signal shall be disregarded.

8. Recalls
General Recalls will be signalled by using the first substitute-flag and two sound signals.

9. The Finish
The finishing line will be as illustrated on the course diagram. Boards crossing the finishing line in any direction after they have finished may be protested. All boards that have finished must keep clear of competitors still racing.

10. A board abandoning a race shall inform the race office or the race committee that he/she will not attend the race.

11. Time Limits and Rest Periods
The Organizers will wait at least 15 minutes after the 1st competitor before they close the finishing line. Results shall be taken until the race commitee starts preparing for the next race. A competitor that doesn't finish shall be scored DNF, if not scored DSQ, BFD, OCS, RAF, RDG or DNE. Racing back to back, the minimum time between closing the finishing line and the new warning signal is 5 minutes.

12. Protests
A board intending to protest shall inform the Jury immediately after finishing or retiring. Protests shall be written on forms available at the Race Office and lodged there within 30 minutes after the last race of the day. Competitor taking a penalty under FRRs 44.1 & 44.2 shall inform the Race Office as soon as she/he comes ashore and latest at the end of protest time on that day.

The Schedule of Hearings will be posted within 15 minutes of the protest time limit to inform competitors where and when there is a hearing in which they are parties to protest or named as witnesses.

13. Minimum Wind Conditions
The minimum wind and suitable conditions shall be according to the class rules.

14. Score Review Request
The protest time for Score Review Request will be:
- 30 minutes after the end of the protest time if the results were posted by the end of the protest time, or at such time as the jury decides is reasonable.
- On the last day of racing, 30 minutes after the results have been posted on the ONB or circulated to the competitors.

15. Scoring
The RRS low points scoring system shall apply. Discards will be given as follows.
- 4 races give one discard
- 7 races give 2 discards
- 11 races give 3 discards
- 15 races give 4 discards.

16. Official Functions
Attendance to the prize giving ceremony is mandatory to all competitors.

17. Officials
- Event Manager: Jon Törnwall
- Race Officer Formula Windsurfing: Robert Rostedt
- Race Office: Nea Törnwall
- Jury: open
- Speaker and Entertainment: Jon Törnwall
- Security: Anders Smeds

- INFO: +358 40 547 1501 (Heikki Ilvessalo)

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Country Finland
Location Cafe Melstenin ranta
Start date 0.00.00
End date 10.6.2007 17.00.00
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