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Neil Pryde Baltic Cup, Espoo M
Event Manager
The event succeeded to gather 48 competitors from the Baltic countries and Finland Many thanks for all competitors!

Saturday began as was planned in the NOR. The first start was held 2:30 PM in very light south west sea breeze. Janis Preiss LAT-23 dominated the start. Krisjanis Tötäns LAT-168, Ansis Dale LAT-13, Maris Birzulis LAT-11 and Martin Ervin EST-202 followed relatively close to the winner. There were a huge gap between the top sailors and others this time due to the marginal conditions. Only 22 sailors succeeded to finish before the finish line was closed. Race officer decided later that a total amount of 11 other competitors will get results from the first and only official start.

The second start was flagged as a "fun start" after the first round due to the wind that dropped under the limit.

The third start was held as a "fun start" at the Mellsten bay after a break 5:45 PM. Some 10 competitors attended and Ansis Dale LAT-13 showed his talents winning without giving any hope to other racers.

The second competition day was sunny and nice, but unfortunately not enough windy for racing. There were a very international and nice atmosphere in Mellsten as competitors' cars and equipment covered the whole racing site.

The Prize giving ceremony was held 5:00 PM on sunday and the event was closed.

Special thanks to the main sponsor Neil Pryde! Many thanks to the other sponsors (listed on the right) too that made this event possible!

The event was the first event organized by using the mytrims events-tool. Registered members were published on the Internet only 5 minutes after the registration was closed as were the premilinary results of the first start too. Pictures were published in the event's gallery-the tool is ready for use for all mytrims members who organize windsurfing events. You'll find it at MYHOME/MYEVENTS.

Country Finland
Location Mellsten
Start date 2.7.2005 9.00.00
End date 3.7.2005 18.00.00
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