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-Skippers meeting
- 26.8 13.00 - First possible start
- 28.8 15.30 - Last possible start
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Formula Funboard SM 2005
Event Manager
Finnish Championship

Formula windsurfing and Slalom if the conditions are suitable.

First Day

1st Start
Offshore winds 6-8m/s, or that was the information when we went out.
Truth was 6-15m/s :) Two races was scheduled back to back. Many competitors had to abondon at least one of the race. Sails between 6 and 11m2 were used. Markus Huhtinen won the first with a clear margin using Neil Pryde 10,6. Jussi Ohlsson and Anders Smeds fought for 2nd and 3rd place. The gusts were so strong that they both had to take a break on the upwind leg.

2 Start:
The wind dropped a little bit but still Jon Törnwall managed a second place with an old ART Ellipse 8,4m2. Anders Smeds was able to keep the package together and won the race. Jussi came 3rd.

After a break two more races were held.

3rd Start
The wind had picked up significantly. During the start and the first lap the wind stayed over 12m/s with gusts up to 16 m/s. Jon won with a huge marigin over Thomas Sundell also using a 8,4 m2 sail. Antti Lipasti faught him self to the finish despite an overrigged 9.8m2. Only 4 competitors made it to the finish.

4th Start
A copy of the 3rd start, unfortunately Thomas broke his boom and could not start. Since it was a back to back race the other competitors didn't make it to the starting area for the last race.

Second Day (Saturday 27.8.2005)

Light offshore winds. Due to yesterdays strong winds it was very difficult to go upwind since the swell came cross the wind. A very interesting race with no more than 5 different sailors leeding during the race. During the first downwind. Markus, Antti and Jon lead the pack but the rest took a nice wind shift from the upwind mark and the whole pack was gathered again at the downwind mark.
Markus had a good gap at the last upwind mark but forgot the side mark when going downwind and Antti could pass him and take the victory. Jon passed Markus as well.

A second start was tried but it had to be cancelled due to light wind on some part of the course. Jussi was leeding with only a 11m2 sail. Very good tactics from him

Third day (sunday)
Light winds.
Only one start could be held. It was super shifty and gusty. We tacked and jibe close to 10 times on the upwind leg. It was a fight between Antti, Jussi and Jon. The important thing was to stay in the middle and play the gusts. Jussi lost on the last upwind but Antti and Jon had a nice fight and Antti won with only 20meters. Jussi easily took 3rd place.

Final results now posted.

Country Finland
Location Hiekkasärkät
Start date 26.8.2005 11.00.00
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