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Equipment > Wave > Has anybody ridden the Exocet Original Wave 105?
AuthorThread - Has anybody ridden the Exocet Original Wave 105?
Posted: 28.11.2004 at 05.49Reply to message

I am looking for a large wave board for waves and bump sailing. Has anybody tried the Exocet 105?
I weigh 90kg. Thanks Gregorio..
Posted: 9.12.2004 at 20.41Reply to message

Hi Gregorio

I ride the Original wave 95. I am not as heavy as you 70 kg but find this board to very nice for small onshore waves and some bump and jump riding. The sails i use on this board ranges from 4.5-6.0.
The ride is very smoth and its a very well balanced board and easy to ride, gybing is super compared to my old wave board. Construction is strong and the shock absorbers under the pads are super. I am very pleased with my board and can recomend it to all sailors out there.

The best thing is that its not that tecnical to ride, just go out and have fun, and the board will follow you every move without any complains.
Posted: 10.12.2004 at 14.54Reply to message

I have heard the 85 and 95 Exocet wave boards are
very good also. Thank you.
Posted: 3.12.2017 at 07.46Reply to message

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