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AuthorThread - fanatic TT 06
Posted: 8.8.2005 at 08.26Reply to message

Does somebody know something about the new fanatic formula board prototipes, any pictures??
Posted: 14.9.2005 at 16.25Reply to message

Posted: 14.9.2005 at 16.26Reply to message
Posted: 7.10.2005 at 21.21Reply to message

Check this out:
Posted: 1.11.2005 at 14.07Reply to message

Anybody had a chance to test Fanatic TT06 or F2 FX100 4.
I'm thinking of getting the F2 as i liked the 2005 model very much.
This is what Pieter Bijl had to say about the Fanatic board on the NP forum:

"The tt06 is a good board. With super upwind performance the board is fast upwind. On the down-wind it needs a little time to get used to. A little tuning there would help to get you going.

She is for sure nice and fast."

Any comments on these two boards are welcome.

Timi are you going to get a new board for 2006 ?
Posted: 4.11.2005 at 17.53Reply to message

Moi Laine!
Yes, i think so. I think i am going for F2. It looks really nice in the pics. Check the windwings website, and forum, Devon Boulon is F2 teamrider, and he often writes trims etc. to the forum.
Go check also this:;f=1;t=000999
And Devons own website

Posted: 4.11.2005 at 19.58Reply to message

Yes, i think me and Sami U. are going to get the new F2.

Thanks for the tips Timi. Will have to go and check the windwing forum.


Posted: 7.11.2005 at 16.28Reply to message

check out this link:

few photos of the TT06 and F2, new Gaastra and NP sails also.

Both board look quite radical ?

Posted: 7.11.2005 at 19.32Reply to message

Looking at file 16, it occurs to me that the air pipe could be completely replaced with the adjustable cut-out, if the cut-out is made so that it releases pressure from the top side to the bottom? I think board construction would be simpler without the hole through the board. It shouldn't matter where the air comes from, as long as the low pressure at the cut-out is eliminated somehow.
Posted: 9.11.2005 at 16.33Reply to message

Some discussion about F2

Some Forum had discussion about these F2 "adjustable outline cuts". It was said that those are against the FW Class Rules. I don't know, but still something interesting is coming...
myTrims admin
Posted: 18.11.2005 at 22.30Reply to message

It seems that I will be riding the board next year too..Let's discuss here more about fins, trimming etc.

Best regards,

Posted: 19.11.2005 at 04.10Reply to message

Regarding the airpipes and releasing the pressure buildup from the cutouts- has anyone really found a logical explination for this? With the cutouts open to the back end, isn't the pressure allready released?
No doubt, manufactuers are pushing the envelope with board design and progressing the sport
From our testing here in SF, the 2005 F2 board seems to go really well in the light stuff but is a handfull when the breeze is on. Regarding durability, has anyone expereinced a failure with the tubes after a season of use.
Posted: 23.11.2005 at 21.42Reply to message

Yes i would like to get some info about what fins work best with this board. I don't have any fins now and need to order new ones.

Posted: 10.1.2006 at 19.00Reply to message

Hello everyone, and happy new year 2006!
Heikki, are you going to get new fins?
If so, what fins are you going to get?
I e-mailed to Allison Shreeve and she recommended to me this: deboichet r-17 s rake 4-6 for F2 board.


Posted: 16.1.2006 at 21.30Reply to message

Hi guys!

I will also use the new F2 this season. I was recommended the same R17 fin. But I choosed to go for Hurricanes this time. I really hope that they will do the job.

What I have read in the forums they should have a really nice finish and should be really good.

Have anyone found any real reports on the new boards.

And could you advise me to some forum about the New North-Sails as well.

Going for a complete new package for this year


Posted: 16.1.2006 at 21.41Reply to message

At the end of the Hurricane Thread in this formula forum you can read some commnets about the new hurricane fins.

Posted: 21.1.2006 at 15.53Reply to message

Jon, what fins are you going to get?

Posted: 23.1.2006 at 13.32Reply to message

Jon , I just got 2 new fins off Otmar at Hurricane . A Frb 4a 70 4 deg rake soft+ and a new model Frb 5b 70 Soft 3 deg rake. So far only used the 5 in my 159 and it feels great for the lighter winds and both fins are beautifully built . This new model 5b is a little more powerful than the previous model in foil section and a little smaller in area . I would say it is really similar to the Deb R17 . If you want a soft fin I would specify to Otmar that fact as I feel his fins are a bit stiffer than the equivilent Deb . I will update my comments on the Hurricane thread when I have had a little more time on the fins . Regards Martin
Posted: 23.1.2006 at 18.13Reply to message

I asked Otmar about those fins, and I thought FRB4 is the closest to R17? Thats what I heard.

Posted: 24.1.2006 at 07.11Reply to message

You could be right Timi , although I have overlaid an FRB4 over an R13 and they were so close it was hard to pick the difference . Anyway the new FRB5 b is a little bigger than the 4 , around 3mm wider . This will be my 7-15 knot fin on the 159 . I am planning to get out on it again later in the week and swap between it and the 4 to see how much difference there is . I,ll let you know what I think . Regards Martin
Posted: 25.1.2006 at 10.00Reply to message

Here you can find a test report of Fanatic TT06 by Tinho
Posted: 30.1.2006 at 11.21Reply to message

Hi I just got my new F2, some pics can be found under.

Daniel SWE-131
Posted: 30.1.2006 at 18.28Reply to message

Hello Daniel!
Can you put some pics in mytrims gallery too?
Posted: 30.1.2006 at 23.26Reply to message

Would like to, but cant find out how to do it. I have also pics of the new F2 SX S slalom board, Warp speed 2006 5.4 qand 6.8 and the new carbon bom from north with the new wide back tube an slim grip. Looks really good. I am very pleased with all my new gear from North/F2. I think they have made big progress in the R&D and put it in producktion.
Posted: 5.2.2006 at 20.27Reply to message


Go to MyHome, Mygallery, Add New Picture ...

I'm interested in norths new boom

Posted: 7.3.2006 at 19.25Reply to message

Hey guys-
A quick report from midwinters in Florida last w-end.
It was interesting to see all the new gear on the
beach. Most innovative was the adjustable plates in
the cut outs of the F2 and Exocet boards. Sailors were coming in changing according to the conditions. It brings up a greater number of possibilities for changing your setup. Now you can adjust the plates in 3 positions as well as the stiffness, rake, size and shape of your fin. Quite an opportunity to find the fastest set up. The F2 still has pipes but were
elongated on the deck.
Also noteworthy is the fact that the F2 boards have a very shallow Tuttle box with a recessed fin screws. A lot of people were sanding their fins to fit the box as well as finding out the top of the fin box was too thin to over-tighten their fins!

The starboard has smaller and shallower cutouts and
seemed to be performing well with most of the top pro
riders on it or the F2 boards.

The Fanatic board was really wide at the tail and with other set of extreme cutouts and sharp rails at the back end. Arnon and Peter were having a tough time sailing in the breeze on Saturday on the 06 Fanatic board getting stood up and noticing it took a lot of back foot pressure to control the board.

The exocet board looked really big as it was built for light wind sailing and bigger guys. There was only one non pro sailor on it, so hard to make something of it yet.

The new ML seemed almost simple compared to the all
the things going on with the other boards. Less things to break or go wrong I say! I didn't find any real disadvantage to it in speed or pointing when I was sailing at the top of the fleet. The 06 ML was easy to control in the breeze with a 65 cm fin. I would guess an even smaller fin could be more efficient in medium to strong winds.

As for the new sails- the NP and North sails both took a step forward with wider luff sleeves improving the wind range of the sail. It's still a personal
choice as to what strategy to follow: keep holding a
big sail for as long as possible or switch down to
something smaller and more efficient if the wind stays steady. Both theories seem to work as Gonzolo and Wotejk and Sylvester used a 9.8 and 10.0 on Saturday while Antoine, Jimmy, Seth and myself stayed on 10.7 and 11.0.
The Aerotech sails took a big change as well with a
much straighter mast shape and luff curve. It's a
wide sleeve luff with 11 battens! Devon was using his 05 Windwing sails from the worlds last December.

As suspected a few NP mast from last year breaking in
the hot weather! The new NP mast seem to be improved but most sailors are now de-rigging their sails between races on shore. It didn't help that the races were getting off slowly with 20-30 minutes between heats.

Also new on the beach this year was the hybrids. The
RS-X Olympic class had the most sailors, with a fleet
of 25, as there are a lot of young sailors (under 20)
campaigning for the Olympics. The RS-X fleet raced along side the Prodigy class and the Open hybrids. The Prodigy class was mainly the older guys who switched a few years ago from long-boarding when the prodigy arrived in the scene. They are just as competitive but not using kinetics as efficiently as the younger Olympic class sailors.
In the open hybrid class the new F2 lighting looked
pretty cool with a raised deck over the centerboard
giving you a nice platform to rail the boards in
lighter winds. It also had cut outs similar to the F2
formula board but with no adjustable plates. The exocet board also looked innvative with large v in the front. I think there should be some interesting development here as these boards arn't limited to a strict one design spec, like the RS-X and Prodigy boards.

On Sunday in the light winds, the hybrid and long
boards raced in sub planning conditions giving
everybody a workout with lots of pumping. I don't
think the formula boards would have been able to get
up wind like the hybrids and long-boards with the
centerboards. Thus proving, maybe the hybrid class is
the best thing to race when the conditions are light
and you still want to race. I don't find it so
exciting to race in these conditions as it is so
different from the planning experience of formula

I also bend a blue large streamlined base with the extension at 46. The solution is to cut it down and use a carbon extension for anything that big.

Steve Bodner

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