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AuthorThread - Hurricane fins
Posted: 26.3.2003 at 23.27Reply to message

hi ,somebody can send me more opinion about hurricane formula fins
frb5 frb4 frb3 and others

Posted: 28.3.2003 at 15.21Reply to message

I am about to take delivery of an FRB4. A friend has an FRB3 which he thinks is absolutely great, and Hurricane was the only top fin manufacturer who could deliver a fin to me within the next year. I placed my order in early January and it is being shipped to me now.
Otmar is very good about giving recommendation and info.
Of course the proof is in the sailing, and I will be sure to post my thoughts once I have a couple of sessions on the fin.
Dave K.
Posted: 31.3.2003 at 17.35Reply to message

Hi Pascal,

I ordered a FRB4 Hard.

I will post my opinions once I've logged a few sessions, provided I get to sail with a sparring partner...
Posted: 22.4.2003 at 15.49Reply to message

I got my Hurricane FRB4 Med+ yesterday. Delivery time was a bit longer than hoped for but not bad at all, especially in relation to others. I am still waiting for a response to my first inquiry from other custom fin makers!
The fin is very well finished. I personally like moulded fins, as I think the finish on the foil is more fair. The downside is that the leading and trailing edges tend to be unfair and are often blunt on moulded fins. They are also often warped. The Hurricane's edges are near perfect, and the blade is dead straight.
The fin root was a little big for my 186x. If you know that having a fin fit perfectly out of the box is like finding a needle in a haystack, then having the root be a little large for the box is very good. Certainly a lot better than a sloppy fit.
Otmar shipped the fin with SAE (US) 1/4-20 barrel nuts. Maybe this is because I am in the US, either way it is what I use and all my fins have US screws, which is great. The screws he shipped with it were too short, which I can not complain about, how could he know? Most fins don't come with screws at all.
The big thing about the fin is that it is LIGHT. I haven't weighed it yet but it feels about 50% lighter than my CNC'd Curtis fin. It is almost weird how light it is.
As far as flex, this is a Med+ and it is rather stiff. As stiff as a Curtis FR-17 stiff to which I compared it. It is a very even flex pattern. Both Curtis fins to which I compared the Hurricane are very biased towards tip flex. The Hurricane bends much more evenly, with the flexpoint seeming to live around 60% down the foil. This is all very good as I like stiff fins. I think the FRB4 Stiff might be very very stiff indeed.
The foil shape is great. As I said, it is fair. The foil section is very thin. On the site it is stated as 8-9%. Either this is a true 8-9% and the other fin makers are full of it, or this is a bit thinner than 8-9%.
The profile is such that the chord is thick at the top, thin on the bottom. You can see that on the Hurricane web site. What you may not see is that the sweep of the blade is somewhat more vertical than the Curtis fins I compared it to. I would expect this fin to trim the bow a little lower than some other fins, and I will expect to be moving my mastfoot back a little compared to sailing with other fins.
The breeze crapped out on my during my first try with this fin. I planed away from the beach on my 12.5 (Sailworks NX2) but then the breeze all went away. I can't yet comment on how the fin sails.
Pending some good time on the water with this fin, I am very impressed with it out of the box. All I will have to do is lightly sand/McLube the fin root to get it to fit snugly in the box, and rub the fin down to my preferred 1200 grit polish.
Posted: 23.4.2003 at 12.17Reply to message

Sailed a FRB1 38 cm last monday. It's not formula but slalom. It's not an early planer but endspeed is good!

It's a very light and stiff fin!!
Posted: 24.4.2003 at 04.02Reply to message

I finally got out on the Hurricane Fin. Very gusty and shifty conditions, 10-22 knots, 186x, Sailworks NX 10.4
The fin is great. It is very smooth and steers noticeably more quickly than any other fin I have used. It is much less noticeable underfoot than other fins. I have a tendency to be very sensitive to input from fins, whether that be from them flexing or feeling very big.
I had guesssed that the track would move back with this fin, I was wrong. The track stayed about where it would normally be. The nose didn't come up and the board trimmed quite flat, there was just plain more of it out of the water. The waterline started seemingly between my feet. The board also locked into a very constant angle of heel. The board did not want to be pushed down flat, rather it just sat at this shallow angle of heel.
I was also able to turn the board much harder in gybes than I am used to.
So far I like it very much.
Posted: 8.5.2003 at 17.31Reply to message


Any more comments on the FRB4?
Saw you sailed it again yesterday...
Posted: 10.5.2003 at 18.51Reply to message

Many thanks for all opinions.I'm ordered the new frb3 frb 4 and frb 5 in med stiffness .as soos as I m test them I'll can send my opinion.
Best regards from west indies
Posted: 12.5.2003 at 01.35Reply to message

Just sailed the FRB4 M+ again today. I think so far that I am going to toss my troublesome Curtis CR-15ax in the trash. I love the Hurricane. My only reservation is that I have not yet raced with it, so haven't gotten a chance to see what my scores are with it.
The last two sessions were fairly lightly powered with a 10.4 and then about at the top end of the 10.4. First was very flat water, today was very hard chop.
This fin points high and goes fast, is very maneuverable (today I was testing accelerating from a standstill for start practice, and practicing zig-zagging upwind to simulate ducking starboard tackers) and just feels great. My legs don't get tired, I don't spin out, I go fast, everything is good.
Otmar is the man.
First big regatta is this coming weekend. Will write session reports every day unless too tired to type.
Posted: 13.5.2003 at 21.12Reply to message

I have a hurricane frb3,M+, and itīs quite hard, and sailing itīs very fast with my 147 and Loftsails 11 and 9.9, In downwind you forgot the 25 knots of wind because the board goes fast and with goos control, Iīm very happy and in the races I did itīs very competitive, only in 8 to 10 knots its not the best, but its too hard for lift in 8 knots. Regards, saludos desde Espaņa.
Posted: 17.5.2003 at 02.10Reply to message

Did my first race with the Hurricane today. NX2 12.5, Starboard 186x. To my utter shock, I was going really not that badly against Devon Boulon and Seth Besse. They beat me every race because it takes me about a minute to tack the 12.5 (maybe not that long but I find the big sail very hard to tack quickly, it is my third day with it), but my speed with them off the line was way better than it should have been for my very amateur skill and experience.
Those guys, to tell the truth, are always going top speed and are just good all around the course. I screw up too much to finish with them, but can stay around for the first beat at least.
Posted: 18.5.2003 at 01.09Reply to message

Well today I had not such a good day at the races, but nothing to do with the fin. Too many tacks to get around the windward mark and hurrying through a sail change left my harness lines in the wrong spot (too far back) so that it was painful and slow to go upwind at all. A quick stop to fix the harness lines let me pass the boards that passed me while I fixed the lines and two others.
Devon is unbelievable in heavy breeze.
Posted: 18.5.2003 at 10.21Reply to message

I had my first try with the FRB4 M+ yesterday.

First 2 hours on F147, Gun M7 11.0 and the stock fin (Drake 700).
Between 6 and 10 knots (guestimate). Wind decreases, fin change, wind goes up again.

First impression:
-The board runs higher on top of the water
-Speed seems better
-Planing through lulls is better

First impressions very positive. But a lot of pacing to be done till I can make real conclusions. I had excellent company for that yesterday, but they were on 12.5 sails ;) ;) and that makes a lot of difference in marginal winds.

I think I need a bigger hammer!
Posted: 19.5.2003 at 16.27Reply to message

Go 12.5. I love mine. I was totally scared that at 12 or 13 knots it would get unruly, but it doesn't. It feels really comfortable and fast.
Posted: 24.5.2003 at 11.59Reply to message

My FRB3 66M has come (only 22 days)!
It seems stiffer than other medium fins...
I'll try in the water.
Posted: 24.5.2003 at 19.29Reply to message

Hi everybody
I'm just to receive my new fins:
frb 5 70 med
frb 4 70 med
frb 3 70 med
as soon as I test it ,I' ll send you my feed back
Best regards from french west indies
Pascal ARNAUD FRA972

Posted: 25.5.2003 at 14.02Reply to message

Hi everybody
yesterday, I have tested my frb 3 med in choppy water and 20- 25 knots:

it's a very good fin for the wind ,a lot of speed and control and good angle.
It's seems equal to the r13 med+ deb and perhaps better(the speed is very very good).
All fins are bautifull and have a good finish.
all fins seems stiifer than other medium fins
for more details contact me in my mail
Best regards from west indies
Pascal ARNAUD FRA972

Posted: 21.1.2004 at 05.03Reply to message

I have the new FRB 4 design, medium, coming shortly - has anybody tried one and if so, what do you think?

Tom Ingram
Jacksonville, Florida USA
Posted: 21.1.2004 at 19.48Reply to message

Which of the new designs?
I am testing a FRB4a proto, medium. It is wider in the tip and about 0.5 mm deeper profile. I am waiting for another proto, same outline but profile depth unchanged vis-a-vis current FRB4.

The FRB4a proto is more lowend oriented, much much better in windholes, no spinout, but more prone to tailwalk in gusts (never had that with FRB4).

Upwind VMG is much better, because you loose less speed and most of all less angle in lulls.
The thicker profile seems to hurt downwind speed a little, but around the course it's faster. Up to a certain windspeed of course ;)

I am very curious about the other proto.
The changed outline gives more lift in the tip (leverage), so better in low winds. But the thinner profile (unchanged vis-a-vis FRB4) must mean less loss of downwind speed. Can't wait to try it...

Posted: 22.1.2004 at 04.05Reply to message

NED 321 - thanks for your feedback. I think the one I am getting is like the FRB4a proto you have - mine was made earlier this month. It sounds like a good fin and I look forward to trying it out.

Posted: 18.6.2004 at 14.14Reply to message


Have you tried the FRB4a proto yet? It would be very interesting to hear from someone experienced who tried several other fins.


Posted: 19.6.2004 at 21.54Reply to message


I have a Frb1 67m+ which is the smallest and fastest model. I use it with my SB 158 and Formula warp 9.0 on very vindy days. 25-30 knots and big waves.
I must say it is really good, I am a light sailor 70 kgs and this fin makes it possible for me to finnish the race. The angle on the upvind is not that good but that is compensated with high speed and most of all, I am in total control most of the time. I have tried my other fin Deb R13m+ in high vinds and it is more or less impossible to get control of the board compared to the Frb1. I am very pleased with my hurricane fin. Quality is very good.
I have not tried any other model but would like to. But at moment my Deb r13 is doing a great job, no need to change a winner.

Dala, SWE-131
Posted: 21.6.2004 at 13.20Reply to message

Hi Gustav,

I have tried the FRB4a proto extensively.

It is in stiffness M.
I have found out this is probably too stiff for my board. Angle and speed upwind are good when the wind is blowing; but when the wind decreases I loose angle and speed relative to others.
I think it does not generate enough lift for me; even in 16 knots and with 11.8 sail, not even a start of tailwalk.

I think this fin, in this stiffness, is good when winds are steady. I need more lift, but don't want to loose speed ???
This would mean not a deeper profile, but softer fin???

Of course the saying "its the indian, not the arrow" still is valid ;(

Posted: 21.6.2004 at 16.24Reply to message


Interesting to read your comments about the FRB4a proto M. I have the FRB4 M+ and agree to 99% about the comments you have about the FRB4a. When its windy and not gusty I have good speed and reasonable angle, but in lulls loose angle. I never had a tailwalk but itīs very reliable and fast in overpowered downwind conditions. The fin doesnīt deliver enough lift for me.

I thought the FRB4a should be better in lulls since it has a deeper profile and slightly more area?

I really hoped that the FRB4a would be better in lulls than the FRB4 :( Have you tried the FRB5?

Posted: 23.6.2004 at 12.35Reply to message

The FRB4a is better than the FRB4 in light winds.
More area in the tip, also a slightly deeper profile.
I tested both fins against each other in november, since then did not use the FRB4 anymore.

Only downside of the FRB4a against the FRB4 is that topspeed downwind seems to be a bit less good.
My GPS Vmax until now is 47.9 km/h (GPS onscreen).

I think for me the problem is in the stifness. The softer the fin, the more lift it produces.
My problem is loss of lift, as soon as the wind decreases.
Even in stronger winds I have no problem with tailwalking; the windward rail does not come up either. I don't have to put in effort to control -> not enough lift.

I have not tried the FRB5.
I think for me the solution is a softer fin, not a thicker or wider one.
Posted: 11.5.2005 at 02.10Reply to message

G'day Everyone

I'm from Australia and race formula in State level competition, New South Wales.
Australia is very isolated from where most of formula windsurfing technology (except C3 fins in New Zealand). Could someone please tell me more about their experience with Hurricane Fins, i am very interested in there performance

Posted: 17.7.2005 at 09.45Reply to message

Gooday Nathan , I just ordered a couple of Fins from Otmar . I will give you the details and opinion as soon as I get them and do some testing . Seeya
Posted: 17.8.2005 at 15.28Reply to message

I just received my 2 Hurricane fins from Otmar . Just on 1 month from the day I ordered delivered to Australia , can't complain about that service !!! I got an Frb5 b Soft 3.5deg for light wind and an Frb4 b Medium 6 deg as a medium wind fin . The workmanship and finish of the fins is excellent , I,m extremely happy . Hopefully I can give you my opinion soon of how they perform , maybe in a couple of weeks . It,s been too windy for Formula lately and it looks like another 25-35 knot weekend coming up . Funny when you find yourself wishing for a light wind weekend !!!! Seeya Martin

Posted: 15.9.2005 at 21.26Reply to message

Received a FRB4a-Soft-Rake4 and tested it last week. This fins works better than my former deb13M on my Centution100. Earlier planing and able to continue planing. Fin shows very nice build quality.
About Otmar from Hurricane, he handled eveything correctly and was very quit sending me the fin (even before my payment had arrived)!!

Posted: 27.1.2006 at 00.03Reply to message

I had a quick session with my new Frb4a Soft+ 4 deg on Wed evening in about 10 -14 knots . I was sailing with 2 other guy,s both on same size sails and both with Debochet R13's . What I noticed is that I was the same height but faster than one , he was also on a *board 159 , and both faster and heigher than the other who was on a Exo TF3 .I was also a bit faster than both downwind . We also had a good compare of the fins after the session . The Frb 4 is almost identical to the R13 in profile , only a tiny difference . The new model Frb 5b that I have just got is definitely wider in the tip . The debochet fins are definitely a bit softer in comparison to the Hurricanes , a soft+ Hurricane would be more like a Medium Deb . I know it was only a short session but I was very pleased with both my height and speed with the new Hurricane fins ,which were obviously performing equally if not better than the Debochet. Regards Martin
Posted: 27.6.2006 at 21.12Reply to message

I have had the opposite experiense.
I have 5b S 4deg for light wind and 11.9m2. It planes early but I can't get it pointing high enough. And I have to move the track really far forward to keep the nose down.
Then I have 4b M- 5deg for 11m2 Same thing here can't go full speed the board flies all over but when I take my R13 M+ Rake normal I go Higher and faster !!!
I thing I should try the 4b for light wind it's pretty similar to R13.
But First I will win a few starts with my new R13 M +6 :)

I'm riding F2, Does anyone have any triming hints ?

r Fin-66
Posted: 4.11.2017 at 06.00Reply to message

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