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Username:   naali3
Skill:   Beginner
13 pictures

No handed shaka by Golito
29.11.2006, Kriss Mikelson

24.9.2006, Kriss Mikelson

26.10.2004, Heikki Ilvessalo

26.10.2004, Heikki Ilvessalo

Naali One Handed..
26.10.2004, Heikki Ilvessalo

26.10.2004, Heikki Ilvessalo

26.10.2004, Heikki Ilvessalo

Naali Cruising
26.10.2004, Heikki Ilvessalo

26.10.2004, Heikki Ilvessalo

Las Americas Naali
6.2.2004, Heikki Ilvessalo

Las Americas Naali
5.2.2004, Heikki Ilvessalo

Las Americas, Naali, Heikki, Henkka
3.2.2004, Ville Niemi

Las Americas Naali ja Heikki
3.2.2004, Heikki Ilvessalo
air  Aerial duckjibe     
 Aerial jibe     
 Air jibe (Volcano)     
 Air spock     
 Air tack     
 Clew first will skipper 540     
 Clew first willy skipper     
 Duck tack 360     
 Grazy pete     
 Gu screw     
 Jump duck + tack     
 Lazy susie     
 One foot jump     
 One handed jump     
 One handed spock     
 Rail grap jump     
 Rodeo flip     
 Shove-it into airjibe     
 Spock 180     
 Spock 540     
 Table top     
 The incognito     
 The ponch     
 Willy skipper     
 Willy skipper 540     
 Willy skipper board 180     
 Willy skipper board 360     
 Willy skipper double push tack     
 Willy skipper duck     
 Willy skipper jibe     
 Willy skipper push tack     
 Willy skipper sail 360     
 Willy skipper to clew first tack     
loops  Back loop     
 Clew first backloop     
 Clew first loop     
 Double loop     
 One handed frontloop     
 Push loop     
water  180 flic flac     
 180 into sailing     
 Backwind jibe     
 Backwind pirouette jibe     
 Backwind sail body 360     
 Backwind sailing     
 Backwind sailing clew first     
 Backwind sailing one handed     
 Backwind tack     
 Backwind/pirouette into sailing     
 Beat tack     
 Board 360     
 Board 360 slided     
 Body drag     
 Body drag one handed     
 Boom to boom jibe     
 Carving 360     
 Carving 360 clew first     
 Carving 360 hands off     
 Carving 540     
 Clew first backwind tack     
 Clew first body drag     
 Clew first nose tack     
 Conca tack     
 Double backwind sail body 360     
 Double push tack     
 Duc flic flac     
 Duck jibe     
 Duck nose tack     
 Duck pirouette     
 Duck spin     
 Duck tack     
 Duck tack into sailing     
 Duck to tack     
 Fin first sailing     
 Ghadi jibe     
 Helicopter pirouette tack     
 Helicopter tack     
 Helicopter tack clew first     
 Helicopter tack clew first fin first     
 Helicopter tack sail 360     
 Helicopter tack swith stance     
 Low wind jibe     
 Low wind waterstart     
 Monkey duck jibe     
 Monkey jibe     
 Monkey reverse jibe     
 No hand sailing     
 Nose tack     
 One handed backwind jibe     
 One handed carving 360 (360 hello)     
 Pirouette duck jibe     
 Pirouette jibe     
 Push tack     
 Reverse nose tack     
 Sail 360     
 Sail body 360     
 Sail body 360 carved     
 Sailbody 360 backwind jibe     
 Sailing clew first     
 Sailing in boom     
 Sailing in boom clew first     
 Sailing switch stance     
 Shisha jibe     
 Slam duck jibe     
 Slam jibe     
 Stall jibe     
 Stall nose tack     
 Stall tack     
 Stall trick     
 Stop jibe     
 Switch stance duck jibe     
 The bender     
 The bomb (fast clew first nose tack)     
 The cowboy     
 The dunno     
 The horny grab     
 The jack (backwind duc jibe)     
 The jack +     
 The puke     
 The stop it     
 The weerdo     
 Upwind 360     
 Upwind 360 clew first     
 Upwind 360 clew first fin first     
 Upwind 360 fin first     
 Upwind 360 one handed     
 Upwind 360 slided     
 poor  excellent 
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