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Can I add new equipment brand to database?
Easy way to start - COPY SESSION
How do I become a beach administrator?
How do I draw the maps for the beach pages?
How do I submit a new beach?
How do I submit my windsurfing session into
I cannot log in!! What is wrong?
Publishing Pictures at GALLERY
Using ABC
What is
Who has drawn the maps?
Why can't I submit a session?

Can I add new equipment brand to database?to the top
Only administrators can add new brands to equipment database.
Please, POST new topic in the feedback forum and give the name of the missing brand.

Give also the WEB ADDRESS of the manufacturer if you know it.
Easy way to start - COPY SESSIONto the top
Please, use COPY SESSION-function in order to avoid collecting your own equipment one by one from the Equipment-channel into Myhome/myequipment -folder.
You must have at least one equipment in the all categories of Myhome/myequipment -folder (boards, sails, masts, booms, fins) in order to enter a windsurfing session into the database. There is a easy way to collect your own equipment all at once:

- Go to Members/sessions -folder
- Search a session that contains some or all equipment you use
- Open the session by clicking the data
- Choose the equipment you want to collect into Myhome/myequipment -folder

Please, read following FAQ: "Using ABC" to get more info about basics of database does not contain all equipment yet. If a certain equipment is still missing, please add it into the Equipment-channel and collect it then into Myhome/myequipment - folder. Choose on the left hand side the type of equipment (Boards, Sails, Masts, Booms, Fins) and click "Submit new..."
How do I become a beach administrator?to the top
Any member is allowed to become a beach administrator. Please submit your request in the beach forum of the beach you would like to administrate.
Beach adimistrators can:
- Write beach descriptions
- Draw maps
- Moderate the beach's forum
Administrators are allowed to see the admin tools of the beach including our unique map drawing tool.

How do I draw the maps for the beach pages?to the top
The beach administrators are allowed to draw maps for the beach pages by using the map tool.
Instructions for the usage of the drawer:

1. Resize the original map into aproximately 500 x 500 pixels and save it in png ot jpg format to your local harddrive.

2. UPLOAD the map by using the form found behind MYACTIONS DRAW MAPS link on every beach page (on the right when logged in)

3. NAME the file as follows: "Beach Name 100 km" where 100 km stands for the width of the map.


1. Choose what kind of brush to use from the left side(Text, Line, Linesof, Polygon, polygon soft, Image or Ellipse).
2. Choose style of the layer to be added (Roads, Water, Misc, Earth, Windsurfing, All styles have their own colors and line widths and fonts. That way all maps will look similar and easier to read)

3. Depending on brush and style you chose, the tool acts a bit differently when you click the map.

a. LINE, LINE SOFT, POLYGON, POLYGON SOFT: Start clicking the map following the ground border. Red dots will appear to the places where you clicked the map.

Pressing APPLY changes renders the image again and shows what you have drawn. If you want to continue drawing the same line, just continue from the same position you were before pressing Apply changes. When you are done, Press APPLY CHANGES.

Good practice to draw ground borders is to first use LINE SOFT brush. Once you are done you can change the brush from EDIT LAYER DATA to POLYGON SOFT.

b. IMAGE: All layer styles does not have images specified. Try Earth - Cities. You will have selection of Big City and Small city. After selection of image you will be prompted to Click the map for position of image.

c. TEXT: Text is similar to image, but currently there is no prompt to click the map.

d. ELLIPSE: Click the map for the upper left part of ellipse. Then click the map again for lower right
How do I submit a new beach?to the top
Please, go to Beaches-channel and click on the right hand side of the screen: + Post new beach. IMPORTANT: always follow the instructions below.
In the FIRST PHASE QUERY you will have to name the beach and choose the country the beach (spot) is located.

- The NAME of the beach is NEVER THE SAME as the name of a lake, sea, city, state or province!
- Please choose the country from the drop down.

In the SECOND PHASE QUERY, you will have to submit the location of the beach in the country you have chosen.

- Please open the drop down and choose the CITY or ISLAND the beach is located.
- If the CITY (e.g. Toronto) or ISLAND (e.g. Fuerteventura) is not in the list, please fill in the CITY-field and click: Add location.
- Click: SAVE and the beach has been submitted into

You are allowed to become a beach administrator. Please, submit a request in the forum of the beach you have submitted.

Thanks for adding a new beach for the benefit of all members!
How do I submit my windsurfing session into the top
Please read the "Using ABC"-FAQ first. Then go to the Myhome/mysessions folder.
As you have clicked the folder, its subfolders will open. The first subfolder is named "NEW SESSION". Click it and a three phase session query will appear.

Fill in all three phases and click "ACCEPT".
Your session is now saved into for the benefit of the whole windsurfing community!
I cannot log in!! What is wrong?to the top authentication is based on cookies. Enable cookies and doublecheck that you typed your password right. authentication is based on cookies. Therefore you have to have cookies enabled in your browser. Sometimes browsers make funny things and specially Internet Explorer versions 4 and above handle cookies wierdly. Normally browsers accept cookies but sometimes when security level of the browser is set to maximum all cookies are rejected.

Latest versions of browsers Mozilla, Netscape and Opera does not have cookie problems.

Try these - Internet explorer
1. Try deleting all your cookies: Tools menu - Internet options - Delete cookies and Restart computer
2. Lower your browser security to default level: Tools menu - Internet options - Security - Internet - Default level
3. Update latest version of Internet explorer from or using Windows update
4. Use some other browser: Mozilla (, Netscape ( or Opera (
Publishing Pictures at GALLERYto the top
All members are allowed to publish pictures at GALLERY. The tool for uploading pictures can be found at MYHOME/MYGALLERY/add picture. Publishing in GALLERY is done through the page (BEACH, EVENT, EQUIPMENT, SESSION) where the picture will be attached.
Due to copyright matters all users have to provide their full name, address, birth date and contact information at MYHOME/MYDETAILS prior to using the tool. The data will we requested automatically at the first visit when uploading pictures into MYHOME/MYGALLERY.

When all required information is provided the picture tool is ready for use. Please go to MYHOME/MYGALLERY -> ADD NEW PICTURE.

Please, follow the instructions: 1) NAME the picture, 2) BROWSE the image file from your hard drive, 3) Click UPLOAD.

Fill in the FULL NAME of the person who have shooted the picture and other requested information.

The name of the shooter will be printed on the picture as the parallel copyright owner with Pictures lacking the name or with alias name as the copyright owner will have to be removed.

Never publish any material, if you do not have the full copyright or the consent of the copyright owner to publish the material and transfer the parallel copyright without limitations.

Click SAVE and the picture will appear at your own gallery MYHOME/MYGALLERY.


- You can publish a profile picture by clicking "change profile picture" text at the MYPROFILE page when you have logged in.

- You can publish pictures at any members' profile page by clicking ADD MEDIA button on the right.

- You can also publish pictures at SESSION reports, BEACH pages, EVENTS or EQUIPMENT pages by clicking ADD MEDIA or ADD PICTURE button on the right when you have logged in.
Using ABCto the top contains many features. Please read this to learn the basics.
1) First you have to REGISTER. Remember to read the TERMS OF USE.

2) Please LOGIN

3) FILL IN the missing data at myhome/mydetails page. You can change the info at any visit.

Now I'd recommend you to SURF AROUND the site for a while to catch some of the idea.

4) Now you are ready to COLLECT your own equipment into Myhome/Myequipment folder.

>> CHOOSE equipment one by one from equipment directory (boards, sails, masts, booms, fins) and click "add to myequipment"

>> ALTERNATIVELY you can choose any session at Members/Sessions directory and choose "COPY SESSION" - all data the session contains will be copied for you, including the equipment.

5) Please collect the BEACHES you use to go from the Beaches channel by searching the beach and clicking "add into my favorite beaches".

Now you are READY to commence using You are able to submit your windsurfing sessions into database. All sessions you submit will update the databases. Try how it works:

6) Go to Myhome/Mysessions and CHOOSE "New Session".

7) Fill in the 3 phase QUERY (conditions, equipment, notes) and choose "accept".

The accepted session will APPEAR at all channels and pages in them. Look at the beach's page, members sessions or any other page - this is the basic idea how works :) is much MORE than this ABC. Please start with these features and read more FAQs regarding other questions that you may have - and remember to ask for more details!
What is mytrims.comto the top is a tool for all windsurfers. Members are able to submit their windsurfing sessions into gathers essential information into a easy to use portal for all windsurfers! It is an INTERACTIVE website of sessions, events, equipment, beaches, members, forum and gallery.

Who has drawn the maps?to the top
The maps on the site have been drawn by administrators of the site. contains a unique map drawing tool for the work.
The drawing tool has been developed by Lasse Ilvessalo. It is basicly a simple PICTURE processing tool with tailored features for this purpose.

All BEACH ADMINS are allowed to use the tool in order to draw maps and add new details to the maps.

Please CONTACT us for further details and instructions.
Why can't I submit a session?to the top
If you have not yet added at least one EQUIPMENT into each categories of Myhome/Myequipment (boards, sails, masts, booms, fins) and one BEACH into Mytrims/Mybeaches-folder it is not possible to add sessions into database.
Go to EQUIPMENT channel and search the equipment you use. Click "+" and the equipment will be added into your Myhome/Myequipment-folder.

If the equipment can not be found in the database, you can SUBMIT the missing equipment using "Submit new XXX" links in Equipment channel.

You are able to add your own BEACHES into Myhome/Mybeaches -folder. Go to Beaches channel and choose Country/The beach and click "+" link.

Now you are able to add your first SESSION into database :) is designed by Heikki Ilvessalo and Lasse Ilvessalo. © 2001-2021 Heikki & Lasse Ilvessalo